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Phil Adams
Phone: 802-265-3010 Ext. 7

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Application for Zoning Permit_04-20-2018

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To determine what State Environmental Permits may be required for your project, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources recommends that you use Permit Navigator Tool by going to the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation website Welcome to DEC | Department of Environmental Conservation (Vermont.gov) and go to the “Permit Navigator Tool” Permit Navigator (force.com).  It asks a series of questions and gives an end “Permit Result Report”, with referrals to appropriate programs.

If further assistance is needed, contact, Rick Oberkirch, the Community Assistance Specialist for our area.

Telephone : (802) 282-6488,

E-mail: Rick.Oberkirch@state.vt.us

Approved Zoning Permits

Zoning Permit P2023-40 Kathy Lee Garfield (property owner: Peggy Lee Popailo)

Zoning Permit 2023-37 Robert and Kristina Kilburn

Zoning Permit P2023-36 James Tuscano

Zoning Permit P2023-35 Stephen Hohn (Property Owner: Gregory Hohn)

Zoning Permit P2023-34 Jeffrey C Chatfield and Georgette C. Nicholas

Zoning Permit P2023-33 Haven Meadows Mobile Home Park (Landowner Housing Trust of Rutland County)

Zoning Permit P2023-32 Benjamin and Rebecca Stockwell

Zoning Permit P2023-31 Wayne and Kandis Charlton

Zoning Permit P2023-30 Cindy Pritchard

Zoning Permit P2023-29 Harold J. Brown

Zoning Permit P2023-28 Grant Reynolds

Zoning Permit P2023-27 – Jason Gallotello

Zoning Permit P2023-26 Jennifer Martin

Zoning Permit P2023-25 Harold and Sheri Sammis

Zoning Permit P2023-24 William Ferman

Zoning Permit P2023-23 Christopher Murray

Zoning Permit P2023-22 Judith M. Wiskoski

Zoning Permit P2023-21 Richard W. Moss

Zoning Permit P2022-58 Mary Jane Spaulding, Colleen Grenier, Sandra Cummings

Zoning Permit P2023-19 Joseph and Pamela Donaldson

Zoning Permit P2023-18 Chad Heald

Zoning Permit P2023-17 Robert and Melissa Murphy

Zoning Permit P2023-16 Sam’s Service Center

Zoning Permit P2023-15 Moore’s Auto – Updated

Zoning Permit P2023-15 Moore’s Auto

Zoning Permit P2023-13 Timothy Brooks

Zoning Permit P2023-12 Thomas Duncan

Zoning Permit P2023-11 Lance Hinckley & Dylan Blackmer

Zoning Permit P2023-10 William & Jacqueline Phillips

Zoning Permit P2023-9 Michael & Kathy Vaughan

Zoning Permit P2023-8 Robert Clark

Zoning Permit P2023-7 W. E. Aubuchon Co. Inc.

Zoning Permit P2023-6 Robert Hibbard

Zoning Permit P2023-5 Joe-Dan Phillips


Zoning Permit P2023-3 David Prunier

Zoning Permit P2023-2 Slate Valley Unified School District

Zoning Permit P2023-1 Thomas Bruso